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Outside the Slipper Chapel, Houghton St. Giles

Last mile of the Medieval pilgrimage route

The Slipper Chapel (St. Catherine) dates from 1325, and was the final wayside stop before removing shoes to walk the Holy Mile. Many of the most famous figures in European history (of the time) did just this! It suffered dissolution in the 1500's but, today, is once again a thriving focal point for Roman Catholics. The Chapel of Reconciliation is a vast barn-style church whose doors open to include the congregation outside in the summer months. It is hoped that the RC Shrine will be coming online soon, but all depends on how negotiations develop. Watch this space for more news.

Walsingham Way (N)
RC Slipper Chapel
Walsingham Way (N)

To travel on the Walsingham Way please click on the image above to move -in steps- towards the village. On all subsequent pages there are two or more images: one looks forward, one looks back, and you can move around the virtual village in much the same way as in real life. This concept was thought up some two and a half years ago, and the photos in the Hengistbury Head mini tour were taken as an experiment. The dark images in this winter tour are from February 1996, taken as soon as the roads were reliably safe (after heavy snowfall) to allow access to the remote Norfolk village.

slipper chapel

The point in taking photos of Walsingham in Winter was to show that the village has immense charm even in the worst weather. The distinct absence of tourists means that one gets another perspective, -and the shrines and historic buildings are all yours to enjoy in peace and quiet. If you have only seen Walsingham in the summer, a winter visit is strongly recommended.

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