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Businesses in Little Walsingham village

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candles Candle Workshop, The Guild Street tel. +44(0)1328 820748
consider Consider 38 High Street tel. +44(0)1328 820095
craftmasters Craftmasters 38b High Street tel. +44(0)1328 820610
eikon Eikon Shop, the 11 High Street tel. +44(0)1328 820741
guild Guild Shop, the High Street tel. +44(0)1328 820387
gifts Pilgrim Gift Shop 22 High Street
progress Pilgrims' Progress Bookshop 63 High Street tel. +44(0)1328 820399
pump Shop by the Pump, the High Street
shrine shop Shrine Shop, the 1-2 Common Place
sue ryder Sue Ryder Shop High Street tel. +44(0)1328 820622
news Walsingham News 40 High Street tel. +44(0)1328 820256
stores Walsingham Village Stores High Street


This is a temporary format and, yes, there are some numbers missing (apologies). As businesses' pages are completed their names will be linked to their information. Come back soon for more depth and plenty of mail-order goods.

Shops elsewhere
nicholsons Nicholsons33 High Street, Holttel. +44(0)1263 711230

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