Walsingham Anglican Shrine


SERVICES from Easter - end of October

weekdays (Mon-Sat)
2:30pm Sprinkling at the Well
6:00pm Sung Mass
8:15pm Candlelit Procession of Our Lady
3:00pm Sprinkling at the Well
4:30pm Procession of the Blessed Sacrament

Everyone is welcome to share in the services in the Shrine Church. Throughout the year Mass is always offered at 7:30am (Shrine) and 11:30am (All Souls' Chapel).

A powerful image above from the dark, mysterious recesses of the Anglican Shrine. For information about accommodation, booking details, liturgical arrangements, etc, please contact the Shrine Office, Walsingham, Norfolk NR22 6EE, tel +44(0)1328 820255. For information about school visits and resource material on pilgrimages to Walsingham please contact the Education Officer, Mrs Janet Marshall, The College, Walsingham, Norfolk NR22 6EF, tel +44(0)1328 821073.cone

To rejoin the Walsingham winter tour outside the Shrine door please click here.

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