HOME I'm Dawn Leeder, a research associate and multimedia developer at the University of Cambridge. I've recently graduated from the BSc MediaLab Arts course at the University of Plymouth with first class honours.

My main areas of interest are in interactive multimedia, artificial intelligence, HCI, expert systems, dynamic websites, CAL and augmented reality. My final year project "Mapping Cyberspace" takes a multidisciplinary approach, and centres on the twin problems of navigation and graphical representation of the web. The full Project Presentation features some prototype interactive devices, which require the Shockwave plug-in.

A more light-hearted interactive piece is my Automated Script Generator, which uses script from Blade Runner and William Burroughs' Cut-ups method.

I really must get around to updating the images on this site - they were taken about 15 years ago...

For crossword buffs who get hopelessly stuck on the Guardian Prize each Saturday, visit my good friend Mike Fenn's site. For an instant crib check out his Guardian Crossword Saturday Solutions

"Art and science are once again converging, and they meet at the interface of machine and mind.."