Net Communications Ltd
A complete re-design for this extensive site. I particularly enjoyed creating the Site Map (theoretically, at least, its impossible to get lost on this site) and the Electronic Newstand.

Mission Control
An artistes agency, Mission Control are the largest suppliers of pop and dance acts in Europe. The fast-movin' music biz site requires regular updates. This site features the famous Mission Control Mobile, inspired by Guy and designed & coded by me. (The garish background was Guy's idea too - the customer is always right.)

These guys wanted a cool,classy site to reflect their cool, classy cutting and mastering rooms in central London. They've worked with some class acts, too.

Le Fevre
The UK's 10th largest PR company with an impressive client list. This is an ongoing developing site with a comprehensive visitor response form and more interactive developments in the pipeline.

Virtual Environments International
VEI provide real-time on-line conferencing and exhibition services both to academia and commerce. I designed the Virtual Conference Centre (VCC) reception and also worked on the Exhibition areas of the site.

Chicago Rock Cafe I never knew they had so many branches 'til I got pulled in to help out with this job...

Fun with sheep in the wilds of North Yorkshire! (Well, what else is there to do there?). I created the sheep background motif and Monet-style impressionist sheep picture, but take absolutely no credit for the terrible puns (ie "can ewe do better?").

The Shockwave WebFarm Animated Index requires the plug-in to view it.