Save 25%* over BT with cable telephone!
Bell Cablemedia use cable technology to run a brand new telephone service too! Our service works in exactly the same way as your current telephone service - with the same features like operator calls, directory enquiries, emergency calls and last caller announce - but with many added benefits and an emphasis on service that makes cable telephone better value for money.

And with Bell Cablemedia you can tailor your telephone service to suit your lifestyle. After all, a family will use it's telephone in a completely different way from a busy single person.

If your often out and about, keeping in touch will be important to you. If you share the phone with the rest of the family, then peace-of-mind will be paramount. Whatever kind of life you lead, cable telephone can help you to get more out of your phone... all you have to do is choose the extras that suit your way of life!

With all these improvements over your present telephone service, you might expect to pay more for ours. Not at all! Our customers have enjoyed savings of 25%* on their old BT bills!

*Based on BT's standard tariffs published as at 1 July 1996 before any discounts or special offers are applied. Excludes the minimum charge which is 16.7% lower than BT's standard published minimum call charges as at 1 July 1996.

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